About us

We are different and proud of it. Essential Hotels is a bespoke hotel management company, with an elite track record within the hospitality sector combining over 100 years hands-on hotel management and operations experience and expertise. Our team of hotel professionals have worked their way up the hospitality ladder. Not only have we managed hotels for independent hotel owners, we have also successfully operated major flagship property clusters for some of the finest corporate hotel groups in the world. 

Our approach is intensive in many ways. We would not only conduct a thorough no obligation / no committal review of the business, but also our solution and result driven strategy would involve an end to end hands-on methodology. We ensure that we work with you to implement the changes and protocols required to deliver all of the goals set out in any of our strategic bespoke management plans.

Our key objective is to deliver profitability through resourceful hotel management while leveraging the brand or hotel’s unique selling points. We work to minimise the hotel’s expenditure, without impeding hotel service levels to ensure optimal performance.

We collaborate directly with the owner, managing their asset to ensure its potential is met to fundamentally protect their reputation, deliver profitability and drive business on an upward trajectory.

Our approach is fuelled by our collective passion for the industry, with exceptionally high standards. All our consultants bring an array of expertise from various industries to offer a personable service to suit all.

Essential Hotels can assist any lodging requirements within a primary, secondary or tertiary destination with a specific focus on the following products:

  • Newly built properties
  • Unrated properties
  • High-end established multinational resorts
  • Grade listed buildings

We conduct a thorough review of the property in question and offer our solution through a bespoke strategy. If successful, we’ll work with you to implement the necessary changes and protocols required. This is achieved through a combination of signature initiatives, offering a balance between efficiency and operating requirements to maximise effectiveness and profit. Furthermore, all our business plans, as part of a management agreement, come with Key Performance Indicators and value driven milestones. We are pride ourselves as an independent hotel management company offering our clients quantifiable results.